Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Greetings this post election day. Regardless of the outcome of votes, God remains our supreme Ruler and King. As we look to Him, we'll receive instructions on OUR next steps. It may appear as if our lives will continue as always. Unfortunately, I believe we have set in place the ingredients that have the potential of changing our lives in dramatic and heartbreaking ways. So what do we do -- we stay alert to the voice of the Lord and be quick to do His bidding and follow precisely His instructions. We maintain our places on the wall of intercession and be ready with His Words to those who will listen. All across America the saints prayed, repented for our nation's past and present sins, interceded for those with hardened hearts and stopped ears, and believed for revival to come to our land. Well, we just CONTINUE! Our job isn't over, it has but begun.

It is time to get serious about preparing for disasters and emergencies that will surely come. I'll be posting many articles about preparedness. I hope you will add your comments and contribute articles about your preparedness experiences. Together we can walk this new way in excellence.

Yesterday I bought a lock-tight Sterlite 15 gallon container for my winter emergency supplies. Yes, even in the deep South, we get storms that can bring travel to a standstill. This container is small enough that I still have plenty of cargo space, but will hold the essentials. This isn't an emergency Go-Kit, it just contains what I might need if I am stranded on the highway.


Contact list
5 16 ounce bottles of water with about an inch removed in case of freezing
5 protein bars about 400 calories each
5 snack bars about 200 calories each
5 bags of peanuts
1 package of hard candy
Chap Stick
Lidded 1 pound coffee can with toilet paper (instant potty)
2 gallon baggies
Wet Wipes
State and county map
Knit hat
Ear muffs
Long scarf
Warm gloves
Wool socks
Slip-on boots
Rain Poncho
A can of De-icer

Reflective emergency blankets (5) one for each seat belt
Flash light
Extra batteries
Ice scraper
Hand towel
Red bandana to use to signal help (hang on the outside of the car)
Utility knife (Swiss Army Knife)
3 packages of hand warmers
Candle stubs or 2-4 in. pillars  (you don't want tall tapers)
Lidded container filled with rice to secure candle
3 Glow Sticks
Matches or lighter
Plastic drop cloth
Duct tape
5 black trash bags

In the South we rarely wear heavy coats to run errands. I keep my winter coat in the car. Last year it got rumpled and a bit dirty. This year I'm going to slip it into a kitchen trash bag and lay it on top of the supply container.  I am also putting a wool army blanket in a plastic bag and tucking it under everything.

When I get a folding shovel, I'm putting it my tire well along with a small bag of kitty litter. These items could get me out of a ditch or an icy patch where I have no traction. I already have jumper cables and jacks, a can of Tire Fix, emergency signal and flares, etc.

If you have a station wagon like me, or a van, the plastic drop cloth can create a nook for warmth. Just use the duct tape to adhere it to the ceiling and doors of your vehicle. The plastic can also cover a window if it gets broken by a flying limb or debris. If you don't have duct tape in your tire well, you can wind some on a small plastic cylinder (even a straw) to make it compact enough to fit in your container. Just slip it in a sandwich bag to keep the sticky from getting on other things.

I hope you won't put off getting this in your cars. We in the South tend not to think about frigid weather until late December, but this year we might be wise to prepare a little earlier.

Have a blessed day. Let me know what Father has laid on your hearts about those first steps of Prudent Preparedness.

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