Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This information just came in from a reader. Black Friday often has incredible deals -- many of which we need for prudent preparing.

There is a website that provides information for all sales and you can get emails. The emails are being sent out daily as the stores black Friday ads are being released. Website is It is very thorough.

Radio Shack has the American Red Cross Solar Link Emergency Radio for $35 (regular price is $70). Store opens at 6am. Check with local stores regarding online sales times and availability etc. This is an item that was very important. This item has all the recommended features and will be 50% off! This might make a great Christmas gift for loved ones that haven’t started on any preparedness kit. Here is the information on the product:

American Red Cross Solar Link Emergency Radio

Model #ARCFR370WXR

Catalog # 20-579

Have the information you need on-hand when you need it most with the FR370 from Eton. This Solarlink radio features all seven channels of NOAA weather alerts, AM/FM radio, LED flashlight and a red flashing beacon. Plus, it can be powered from four different sources, including "AAA" batteries and solar power.

  • AM/FM/NOAA radio stations keep you alerted during emergencies
  • Self-powered hand-crank generator means there is no need to worry about losing power
  • LED flashlight and red flashing beacon
  • Power source: solar, hand crank, DC input via mini-USB drive or 3 "AAA" batteries
  •  USB wireless phone charger
This is the type radio I am recommending we buy for family use. A simple battery operated radio would be a good addition for individucal backpacks. You can also buy rechargable batteries and get a solar operated recharger. I will post about a few models you might be interested in later. There is a good possibility this item will be available the following Monday when on-line sales are available. We need to check both.
Jot down the possibilities in your Preparedness Notebook and note the ones your family prefers in the planner so you won't forget. It is definitely list making time.

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  1. This still seems the best emergency radio around for the price.