Friday, November 23, 2012

Hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving and had enough energy to brave Black Friday. We were able to get our solar radio - an American Red Cross Eton, from Radio Shack for half price. That was our major preparedness buy for the week.

I picked up some things at Walmart that you might want to consider. I bought 2 metal whistles and a couple of compasses. In the garden department I found N95 face masks on sale.

In our local sporting goods store, I found a Sawyer bite and sting kit. The extractor is the only product I've found that people recommend for snake bites. It has a good instruction book that explains all the different size cups -- wasps, bees, mosquitoes, spiders, scorpions and snakes all seem to have requirements. Unfortunately the kit doesn't tell you which one goes with which bite. There is even a razor for shaving the bite area to insure a good suction.

I also bought a chemical cold pack for a dollar. I am looking for more of the bargain packs.  I've heard straight Chlorox is good for red ant bites so I'm pouring a bit into a small bottle. Since we keep bees, I have Benedryl on hand and really want an epi-pen at the house.

I am learning about healing herbs so expect to be able to brew up something that will work for stings and the itch we can get from poison ivy around here. If we are involved in cleaning up after a bad storm, we  need to be prepared to deal with spider bites. I read about a poultice that would help with a serious bite -- unfortunately, forgot to mark the site. So if anyone knows what will draw the poison, please let us know. Most of the time, we aren't even aware of the bite until the venom has been absorbed into our bodies. The Sawyer might help some, but it might take a poultice to draw it out. Obviously I have some more studying to do on the subject. The mundane assaults on our body are not covered in an EMT class.

I found another item at Sam's that is going in my Go-Kits. Proforce makes commercial products and has a package of 24 microfiber towels that are ultra absorbent. They are only 16 inches square and take up little room.  I am using some for the Kits, some for hubby's shop and some for the kitchen to deal with messy spills. They were only 11.95 - a bargain for 50 cents each. They are washable and should last forever. They don't scratch and will make good dust clothes too. I found them in the section with all the industrial cleaners.

If you found great preparedness deals this Black Frida or Cyper Monday, please let us know.

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