Thursday, November 8, 2012

I found a couple more web sites you might want to check out for preparedness bargains. The Volcano Stove was mentioned as a good possibility for times when fuel was scarce. It also compacts to a size that is easy to toss in the car if you must evacuate. The Berkey Guy is running a special for $134.99 with free delivery. This is the lowest price I've seen. You can get more information at There is also a sale on black Berkey 2-pack filters for $89.99. Use the code BB89 to get the price. He is connected to LPC Survival.

For those who might want something in their backpack, the Solo Stove is a good choice. It is light weight and uses twigs as fuel. All the reviews are good. This is a small unit that quickly heats water to boiling and can cook a simple meal for one. Check it out at

There is a good sale on dehydrated and freeze dried foods at Emergency Essentials. Their site is The savings are significant. This company also gives a good price break for group buyers.

I have been checking out preparedness books and manuals. I haven't narrowed down my top 3 yet, but Barnes & Noble has a 15% coupon this week. I think I'll make a trip to the bigger town and check out what is available. If you have a recommendation, please share it.

One good tip came in today that I will pass along. It was highly suggested that families purchase the Hoyle Rule Book for hundreds of card games that would pass the time away if the electronics and TV were unavailable.

I bought a couple of cases of Sterno at Sam's. You can create a stove from a #10 can, slip a can into a small table top grill, set it between some bricks or rocks or even use a chafing dish. The nice thing about Sterno is it stores forever and you can cap it when you are finished cooking to conserve fuel.

Let me know if you have found some bargains.

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